SCPB Reverse Bayonet Connectors

SCPB connectors are a hybrid of the popular MIL-DTL-5015 Series 1 specification and share the same insert configurations, basic outline and mounting dimensions. Developed to meet severe industrial applications, the design features:

- Quick positive coupling, dynamic sealing

- Temperature range of -55°C to +125°C

- High shock and vibration capabilities.

Positive coupling is indicated audibly and by feel when the lock pins snap into place. Locking is confirmed visually when yellow dots on the receptacle and plug are in alignment.


Eastern Connector carries a full line of SCPB Connectors, and can help you find the exat configuration you need. Contact us today for pricing and availability.

Finding the right connector: Not sure what you need? Here's a breakdown of how SCPB series parts are numbered. (Click to enlarge)

SCPB Series Reverse Bayonet Connector Part List

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Item ID Part Name Clements Part No. Pyle Part No.
ZZY-R-1514-4SD ZZY-R-1514-4SD
ZZM-BFB-17716-321SNK ZZM-BFB-17716-321SNK
ZZM-243453UCB102823S ZZM-243453-UCB-1028-23S-A338
ZZM-243453UCB102823P ZZM-243453-UCB-1028-23P-A338
ZZM-243253UCB102426S ZZM-243253-UCB-1024-26S-A338
ZZM-243253UCB102426P ZZM-243253-UCB-1024-26P-A338
ZZM-242653UCB102449S ZZM-242653-UCB-1024-49S-A338
ZZM-242653UCB102449P ZZM-242653-UCB-1024-49P-A338
ZZM-241853UB101638S ZZM-241853-UB1016-38S-A338
ZZM-241853UB101638P ZZM-241853-UB1016-38P-A338
ZZM-241453UB101253S ZZM-241453-UB1012-53S-A338
ZZM-241453UB101253P ZZM-241453-UB1012-53P-A338
ZZM-24005AUO1116-321 ZZM-24005A-UO-1116-321SND
ZZM-24005AUO1112-311 ZZM-24005A-UO-1112-311SND
P-210198-R ZRLP-C24-353SN W/ 3′ PIGTAILS
ECS-2107-L120 ZRLML-24C24-29S w/10′ 2-5 SEOW
P-208303-L108 ZREPT-6C24-72P W/ 9′ PIG TAILS
P-208303-L48 ZREPT-6C24-72P W/ 4′ PIG TAILS
IPD23611-3-0048 ZREP-20-375PN01 w/12 #10 wires
IPD23611-3-576 ZREP-20-375PN01 w/12 #10 wires
IPD23610-3-0048 ZREP-20-375PN w/ 12 #10 wires
IPD23610-3-576 ZREP-20-375PN w/ 12 #10 wires
IPD-23188-1 ZREP-16-681SN-L0120
IPD-23189-1 ZREP-16-681SN-L0120
IPD-23186-3 ZREP-16-681PN01-L0120
IPD-23187-3 ZREP-16-681PN01-L0120
IPD-23188-3 ZREP-16-681PN-L0120
IPD-23189-3 ZREP-16-681PN-L0120
IPD23649-3-0048 ZREP-16-681PN W/ 10 #12 WIRES
IPD23598-6-0048 ZREP-16-681PN 9, #12 WIRES
IPD-23233-1 ZREP-16-355SNK03-L0072
IPD-23232-1 ZREP-16-355SNK02-L0048
IPD-23236-3 ZREP-16-355PNK06-L0072
IPD-23237-3 ZREP-16-355PNK06-L0072
IPD-23234-3 ZREP-16-355PNK04-L0072
IPD-23235-3 ZREP-16-355PNK04-L0072
IPD-23232-3 ZREP-16-355PNK02-L0072
IPD-23233-3 ZREP-16-355PNK02-L0072
IPD23633-3-0048 ZREP-16-355PND06 w/6 Pairs
IPD23633-3-0072 ZREP-16-355PND06 w/6 Pairs
IPD23632-3-0048 ZREP-16-355PND04 w/6 Pairs
IPD23632-3-0072 ZREP-16-355PND04 w/6 Pairs
IPD23631-3-0048 ZREP-16-355PND02 w/6 Pairs
IPD23631-6-0048 ZREP-16-355PND02 w/4 Triads
IPD23631-6-0072 ZREP-16-355PND02 w/4 Triads
IPD23630-3-0048 ZREP-16-355PND01 w/6 Pairs
IPD23629-3-0048 ZREP-16-355PND w/6 Pairs
IPD23648-3-0048 ZREP-16-335PND02 w/6 TRIADS
IPD23646-3-0048 ZREP-16-335PND w/6 Triads
IPD-23646-3-0048 ZREP-16-335PND

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