Single Pole Power Connectors

Clements Heavy Duty Single Pin MOG & PDS Series Connectors

The MOG Power Series connectors, provides a revolutionary and superior design with a long list of features and benefits for oil, marine and gas applications.

The single pole, high amperage connectors accommodate cable sizes ranging from 2/0 AWG to 535 MCM cables including the latest generation of Type P drilling cables, per IEEE 45. This connector series provides a proven secured locking coupling system and a field repairable contact system that rivals other similar power connectors. In addition, the smaller connector footprint allows greater use of the equipment panel while providing an organized connector area.

The MOG Power Series provides the highest level of quality, efficiency, reliability and safety for oil field power distribution use. Consult the factory or contact one of our sales representatives or distributors to demonstrate this innovative design. 

Design Benefits

• Designed for use with Type P drilling cables @ 125°C per
• Cable accommodates size range from 2/0 AWG to 535
• High Conductivity/High Performance Copper Alloy silver
plated crimp contacts
• Contacts are easily removable with plastic extraction tool
• 500 mating cycles minimum
• IP 68 environmental protection when mated
• CE recognized, UL and CSA applied (consult factory web
site for latest product certifications)
• UL 94 VO Flame retardant material
• Patented “swivel” device removes cable torsion forces to
the connector
• Protected pin front on Source side per IP2x to
protect operators from shock hazard
• International phase color coding for:
USA – Europe – UK – Australia
• EN/CE compliant metric cable glands
• Available secondary locking device (patented) for added
safety protection
• Lighter weight and smaller footprint as compared to similar
MOG power connectors
• Space saving design allows closer mounting of connectors
and eliminates wasted panel usage
• High performance shock resistant shell hardware
• Triple Phase Identification provided not only with color
coding but with:
- Optional Phase markings on connector Line and Source
side (Phase 1, 2 , 3, Ground and Neutral)
- Phase shell hardware that is mechanically keyed to
prevent connection errors
• MOG Power connector series allows daisy chain
interconnecting capabilities
• Shell hardware provides a heavy duty connector hand grip
• Simplified termination and assembly/repair of connectors
with “unique” crimp removable contact design
• Proven quick and secured coupling interconnect system