Rectangular C146 Connectors

The C-146 rectangular connector is the ideal choice for many applications such as control and power distribution, test and measurement equipment, and machine tools. This rugged and durable product will withstand the effects of most industrial environments.

Features and Benefits

The C-146 is constructed of die cast aluminum, and is environmentally protected (NEMA 4 & 12) by means of different latch locking styles, neoprene gaskets and cable strain relief options. This connector product offers a variety of housing styles and insert contact arrangements to suit your installation requirements. The C-146 is compatible and intermateable with other similar style products-Insert to insert, as well as Insert to housing-for convenient retrofitting. In addition to meeting NEMA 4 & 12 protection requirements, this product is also UL, CSA, 5EV, VDE and Germanischer Lloyd approved.


  • International approval
  • Environmentally protected
  • Easy assembly
  • Robust, rugged design
  • Excellent factory support
  • Wide field of applications
  • Simple to order

  • Reversible inserts
  • Wide temperature range: -40 - +2570F (-40 - +1250C)
  • High quality polycarbonate dielectric inserts
  • Continuous numbering on mating and termination sides
  • Optional Integral Terminal Blocks (D and E styles)
  • High retention force of crimp contacts
  • Standard 4 micron silver plated contacts
  • Optional gold plating on contacts available

  • Meets NEMA 4 & 12 protection class
  • Intermateable and exchangeable with many other makes
  • Die-cast aluminum hoods and bases
  • Protective lacquer coating
  • Neoprene sealing gasket
  • Neoprene "Onion Ring" gland bushing
  • Inserts polarized for accurate mating
  • End or side locking clamps
  • Variety of hood styles and cable strain relief

  • First make, last break grounding provision
  • High-density contact arrangements
  • Range of voltage and amperage ratings
  • Captive insert mounting screws
  • Choice of termination: screw or crimp

Design and Performance Characteristics


  • Industrial Electronics-Plant and Machinery
  • 250V®1
  • 10 amps-3, 4 pin
  • 16 amps-b, 16, 32 pin
  • Screw Terminals
  • 7 AWG (4mm2)

  • per DIN 43 652
  • Industrial Electronics-Plant and Machinery
  • 250V®
  • 10 amps-7 to 128 pin
  • Crimp Terminals
  • 26-12 AWG (.14-2.5mm2)

  • Industrial Electronics-Power and Signal
  • 380V0
  • 16 amps-6 to 48 pins
  • Crimp Terminals:
  • 20-12 AWG (.5-2.5mm2)
  • Screw Terminals:
  • 24-7 AWG (.25-4mm2)

Materials and Finishes


  • Dielectric—Glass-fiber filled polycarbonate
  • Contacts—Copper Alloy
  • Contact plating—4 microns Silver; Gold optional
  • Housings (NEMA 4 & 12)—Die cast aluminum with protective lacquer coating
  • Gaskets—Neoprene
  • Locking clamps—Zinc plated passivated steel
  • Covers—Polyamid

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