HL Series, Intermodal Power Connectors

Eastern Connector carries the Pyle-National HL Series connectors from Kitazawa Electric Works (KEW). These intermodal power connectors are applicable throught the world in refer applications and comply with International Standards Organization (ISO) and CEE Standards.


The HL Series consists of Interlocked Receptacles in single, two & four gang units. Also included are panel mount receptacles, plugs & inline cord connectors. These products operate reliably in climate extremes and are made of non-corrosive materials.

  • Interlocked receptacle is dead front for safe electrical connection.
  • To ensure fluids are kept out of interior, plug and cord connectors are provided with o-ring seals on the contacts and insulator. Also, their is a tapered ruber gland at the cable entrance.
  • Pre-wired interior permits fast & cost-saving installation.
  • Constructed of corrosion resistant materials for durability and longevity.
  • Captive screw-on dust cap protects receptacle from weather when plug is not engaged.
  • Contacts terminate with pressure screw wire connections for fast installation and easy maintenance.
  • “Self-Wiping” contacts made of high strength copper providing supieror conductivity and corrosion resistance especially in marine environments.
  • Grounded contacts are longer than phase contacts for first make/last break safety.
  • Interlocked receptacle enclosures and panel mount receptacles are both equipped with gasket for weather tightness.
  • Panel mount receptacles, plugs and cord connectors are constructed of non-metallic material for long life and safety.
  • Plugs and cord connectors are equipped with mechanical clamp to provide cable strain relief.
  • All enclosures are MET listed.
  • 32 and 60 ampere plugs, cord connectors and panel mount receptacles are listed to UL standard 498 “Attachment Plugs and Receptacles.”



  • Weatherproof-Rated IP 56
  • Meets requirements of NEMA Types 3, 4, 4x, 12
  • For outdoor use
  • Fixed land truck trailer chassis, shipboard
  • Operating temperatures: Max.250°F (121°C) Min.-40° (-40°C)

Electrical Ratings

  • 60 amps at 250VAC (ISO)
  • 60 amps at 480VAC (ISO)
  • 32 amps at 380/440VAC VAC (ISO,CEE 17, 3h)


Panel Mount Receptacles

  • Housing-Molded polyamide, Natural
  • Screw Cap-Molded PET, Natural
  • Contacts-Copper Alloy
  • Hardware

Plug & Cord Connector

    • Body, Sleeve, Coupling Nut(Plug), Screw Cap(Cord Connector), Compression Nut-Molded Polyamide, Natural
    • Grommet-Neoprene
    • Contacts-Copper Alloy
    • Hardware-Stainless Steel


HLB Enclosure Materials and Finishes

  • Enclosure Base-stainless steel, light blue amino-alkyd resin paint
  • Enclosure Cover-cast brass, light blue amino-alkyd resin paint
  • External Hardware-stainless steel
  • Hub-Cast aluminum, Grey Powder Epoxy