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Amphenol/Pyle: Rail & Transit

Pyle-National’s Train-Line

General Duty connectors and jumpers for transit and standby applications.

Features and Benefits

  • 400 amp, 600 volt, non-current rupture head end power connectors.
  • Replaceable contacts in an all-molded elastomeric rubber body, allowing field repairs.
  • These contacts are separate components each retained in its own cavity, not permanently molded in position.
  • Pyle’s unique elliptical seal permits the escape of entraped air while mating, and conversely breaks the vacuum created as the plug is unmated.
  • The self supporting receptacle skirt prevents sagging while mating and unmating.
  • Socket contacts feature a unique pressure member design, providing uniform pressure for low mating and unmating forces, low millivolt drop, consistently low temperature rise and shock resistance.

Performance Characteristics

  • Mating and Unmating Forces: 70 lbs Maximum
  • Insulation Resistance: 150 megohms minimum
  • Dielectric Withstading Voltage: 1960 Volts rms
  • Operating Ambient Temperatures: Max.110°F Min.-57°F (-40°C)
  • Raintight per U/L Standard
  • Electrical Rating: 600 Volts rms, 400 Amps
  • Contact Shock: Mated connectors withstand a 6′ drop onto concrete with no appreciable change in electrical and mechanical characteristics.

Specify Pyle-National’s Trian Line Series products for your Transportation Connector Requirements

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