480V HEP

Head end power (HEP) for locomotive hauled passenger rail cars. 6 contact, integrally molded head end power connectors

The power source can be from a power car or
wayside ground based source. Head end power is a convenient and flexible means by which electrical power can be generated by a central source and transmitted through each rail car via a trainline 
connection to operate auxiliary equipment.

Typical HEP loads include HVAC, lighting batterycharging/low voltage power supply, food serviceequipment and water heating equipment. The Cadillac brand of HEP trainline products has been time tested and provides the reliability and quality that you expect!

Clements 480V jumper and receptacle assemblies are 100% electrically tested for IR and Hi-pot per APTA specifications.

480V RPA/RRA Series in-field repairable kits also available for quick fix repair situations!

Design Benefits:

• Integrally molded plug (standard color – yellow) and
receptacle (standard color – red) connectors. Optional
colors available upon request.
• Integral molded design per Amtrak specification D77-24
provides superior environmental and shock protection.
• Qualified to APTA RP-E-018-99  and Amtrak D77-24 specifications
• ASTM Class M copper wire stranded cables assure
maximum flexibility under adverse temperature conditions.
• Multi-tined socket contact design for enhanced
contact performance.
• Floating silver-plated copper contacts, self aligning
for easy mating, resist excessive voltage drop.
• Maximum water tightness achieved with:
– Outer peripheral O-ring seal on plug body
– Individual contact “closed entry” sealing between
plug and receptacle interface
• Receptacle skirt features a patented, integrally molded,
expandable stabilizer to eliminate insertion problems often
encountered in connectors with glued support rings.