Clements/Pyle National Rail & Transit Trainline Connectors

Eastern Connector has been supplying Connectors & Cable Assemblies to the Rail & Transit marketplace for over 25 years.  Along with the Multipin & power Reverse Bayonet & CN/Starline connectors, we supply the Standard Head End Power (HEP) and 27 Point Communication & MU connectors & Cable Assemblies.

Head End Power (HEP) from Clements National or Pyle National; Trainline jumpers and receptacles provide head-end power primarily to locomotive-hauled passenger rail cars.

  • Based on Amtrak D77-24 & APTA RP-E-016-99
  • Operating temperatures: -40°F to 140°F (-40˚C to 60˚C)
  • Electrical rating: – Power contacts: 600 VAC, 400 amperes– Control contacts: 600 VAC, 40 amperes, Dielectric strength: 2000 V RMS
  • Mating/unmating forces: 70 lbs. Maximum – 30 lbs. Minimum
  • Contact shock: Mated connector pairs shall withstand a 6' drop onto a concrete surface


27 Point Communication & MU:

  • 27-point jumper assemblies and receptacles are available in various configurations for trainline (COMM) car control/communication and (MU) multiple unit locomotive control.
  • It is manufactured to conform to AAR S-512 and APTA RP-E-019-99 specifications.
  • Qualified for use on all Amtrak equipment.
  • Interchangeable and inter-mateable with other major brands
  • Wired receptacle assemblies are available for any length or configuration
  • Durable powder paint coating offers a multitude of color options and provides superior long-term protection of hardware.





Amphenol-Pyle Transportation Products For Rail and Transit