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Item ID Part Name Clements Part No. Pyle Part No.
ZZY-R-1514-4SD ZZY-R-1514-4SD
ZZM-BFB-17716-321SNK ZZM-BFB-17716-321SNK
ZZM-243453UCB102823S ZZM-243453-UCB-1028-23S-A338
ZZM-243453UCB102823P ZZM-243453-UCB-1028-23P-A338
ZZM-243253UCB102426S ZZM-243253-UCB-1024-26S-A338
ZZM-243253UCB102426P ZZM-243253-UCB-1024-26P-A338
ZZM-242653UCB102449S ZZM-242653-UCB-1024-49S-A338
ZZM-242653UCB102449P ZZM-242653-UCB-1024-49P-A338
ZZM-241853UB101638S ZZM-241853-UB1016-38S-A338
ZZM-241853UB101638P ZZM-241853-UB1016-38P-A338
ZZM-241453UB101253S ZZM-241453-UB1012-53S-A338
ZZM-241453UB101253P ZZM-241453-UB1012-53P-A338
ZZM-24005AUO1116-321 ZZM-24005A-UO-1116-321SND
ZZM-24005AUO1112-311 ZZM-24005A-UO-1112-311SND
P-210198-R ZRLP-C24-353SN W/ 3′ PIGTAILS
ECS-2107-L120 ZRLML-24C24-29S w/10′ 2-5 SEOW
P-208303-L108 ZREPT-6C24-72P W/ 9′ PIG TAILS
P-208303-L48 ZREPT-6C24-72P W/ 4′ PIG TAILS
IPD23611-3-0048 ZREP-20-375PN01 w/12 #10 wires
IPD23611-3-576 ZREP-20-375PN01 w/12 #10 wires
IPD23610-3-0048 ZREP-20-375PN w/ 12 #10 wires
IPD23610-3-576 ZREP-20-375PN w/ 12 #10 wires
IPD-23188-1 ZREP-16-681SN-L0120
IPD-23189-1 ZREP-16-681SN-L0120
IPD-23186-3 ZREP-16-681PN01-L0120
IPD-23187-3 ZREP-16-681PN01-L0120
IPD-23188-3 ZREP-16-681PN-L0120
IPD-23189-3 ZREP-16-681PN-L0120
IPD23649-3-0048 ZREP-16-681PN W/ 10 #12 WIRES
IPD23598-6-0048 ZREP-16-681PN 9, #12 WIRES
IPD-23233-1 ZREP-16-355SNK03-L0072
IPD-23232-1 ZREP-16-355SNK02-L0048
IPD-23236-3 ZREP-16-355PNK06-L0072
IPD-23237-3 ZREP-16-355PNK06-L0072
IPD-23234-3 ZREP-16-355PNK04-L0072
IPD-23235-3 ZREP-16-355PNK04-L0072
IPD-23232-3 ZREP-16-355PNK02-L0072
IPD-23233-3 ZREP-16-355PNK02-L0072
IPD23633-3-0048 ZREP-16-355PND06 w/6 Pairs
IPD23633-3-0072 ZREP-16-355PND06 w/6 Pairs
IPD23632-3-0048 ZREP-16-355PND04 w/6 Pairs
IPD23632-3-0072 ZREP-16-355PND04 w/6 Pairs
IPD23631-3-0048 ZREP-16-355PND02 w/6 Pairs
IPD23631-6-0048 ZREP-16-355PND02 w/4 Triads
IPD23631-6-0072 ZREP-16-355PND02 w/4 Triads
IPD23630-3-0048 ZREP-16-355PND01 w/6 Pairs
IPD23629-3-0048 ZREP-16-355PND w/6 Pairs
IPD23648-3-0048 ZREP-16-335PND02 w/6 TRIADS
IPD23646-3-0048 ZREP-16-335PND w/6 Triads
IPD-23646-3-0048 ZREP-16-335PND

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